PitMonk Prerelease XP ServerToday see’s the launch of our PitMonk Pre-release Rust XP Server.

You’ll have the opportunity to test out the new XP leveling system as well as the new layouts for the crafting and unlocking system.

There are also a few extra or new items not yet seen in the main Beta branch of the game.

This server is almost what you’ll see on the launch day of the new Rust XP system expected to roll-out on the 7th July, so get in early, learn your way about and be ahead of all the other players on launch day.

How To Play On This Server

This server is not in the normal server list until you enter the game as a Beta Tester. This is easy to do and available to everyone.

All you need to do is go into your Steam account, select, Library, Games, and find Rust.

Right click Rust, and choose Properties from the menu. From the popup box, choose the BETAS tab, and select Prerelease from the menu.

Your Steam account will then download a new client for your machine. Run this as normal and then do a search for PitMonk in the server list under the Community section.