RUST Server

“RUSTWOOD – EU Main – No Decay”

This is a Solo/Small Team Server With Zero Decay   –   Active Server Since April 2016

The Goals Of This Server

  • Zero Admin Abuse
  • Low population for calmer game play
  • More friends than enemies
  • For Noob’s to learn the game
  • To form alliances for team events
  • Experiment with different builds
  • Explore different maps
  • Familiarise with Monument sites
  • Solve the Monument Puzzles
  • Build quicker and bigger
  • Experiment with raiding techniques
  • Become part of our community and Win prizes

Steam Friends

If you’d like to get in contact with us directly to make a suggestion or to address anything in-game, please find one of the Admins in-game and talk to us personally, or send me a friend request in Steam.

It’s always better to play with others, we are a growing community and often chat and play, join the Discord Channel and introduce yourself.

Look out for gamer tagsPitMonk” “Kimpton” or “Pippa
Rust Vanilla Server Know The Server Rules