Arena Rules 

Whilst In Battle

  • Bring your own armour and weapons, just as you would when fighting in the game. We will make repairs for free.
  • At a minimum, Join the Discord channel so that you can hear everyone else – Please talk if you’re able.
  • We will host a number of Knock Out Tournaments, similar to a football league.
  • Whilst spectating, please refrain from jumping around constantly.
  • Spectators must NOT enter the Pit or interfere during a battle.
  • Only One survivor gets to walk out of the door in the Pit.
  • Remember – The server can ONLY host 40 Players ! Get in EARLY
  • You’ll know whats on offer as a Prize at the start of each Tournament.
  • Any player can enter a Tournament of his Level or ABOVE only.
  • Leader Board will be displayed on this site.
  • If another player gets “Purged” during a tournament, we will pause and assist them.
  • A Player Must NOT Consume Healing Potions of Food during a battle.
  • A Player must NOT have Passive Health Regen, if it’s your builds perk, please redo your attributes. Free Potions Available.
  • You can use ONLY TWO different Weapons during any one fight. Declare these once in the Pit.
  • Any weapons CAN be used if you have them, 2 per fight.
  • Fighters may NOT use Orbs, Traps or Explosives of any kind.
  • Each battle is a fight to the DEATH, have a bedroll nearby.
  • A Fighter CAN use a shield if they want to.
  • If you cheat or broken a rule during a fight- You MUST surrender in the Pit and allow your opponent to kill you NAKED.
  • Players CAN use Warpaints but must not change them during a battle.
  • A player may NOT fight if under the influence of the “Dancer Regen Buff” Bug.
  • PitMonk WILL have the final say – He will be as impartial and as fair as possible.

Tournament – Saturday 2nd June 2018

If you would like to enter any tournament in or above your level, please let PitMonk or Pippa know ASAP.

If a tournament is full subscribed, priority will be given to players within that level bracket.

Monitor the results LIVE here.