Server Events

Player Vers Player in an Arena Tournament

Saturday 2nd June 2018 – 6:30pm to 10pm GMT

  • I Don’t Want To Lose My Gear! – Come and show off your skills in a battle to the death. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your gear!
  • Why Should I Come? – Legendary Weapons and Armour as Prizes to the winners.
  • But I’m only level 23! – We plan to have categories for each level group so your level 23 character won’t have to fight a level 60.
  • What If I Die? – Bring a bedroll so that you can respawn close by
  • What If My Gear Is Damaged – There will be skilled Thralls to make free repairs.
  • But I’ll Get Hungry! – Free Food, Beer and Wine available at the Arena.

Tournament Rules – Saturday 2nd June 2018

Tournament Results – Saturday 2nd June 2018

Arena Location

Conan Exiles Arena Location