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The Isle of Pit (PvE-Conflict UK Server)

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PitMonk's Conan Server


Our Conan Exiles Server

Since the release of Conan Exiles into the Steam Early Access platform, we have been fans of the game. This server was first launched in the April of 2017 and has remained online ever since. In the early days, this server functioned as a testLive server offering feedback to the developers, Funcom, on as many bugs and issues that we could find.

Since the launch of Conan Exiles on the 8th May 2018, the server has remained a dedicated vanilla PvE-C server.

What is PvE-C and how does it compare to other styles of gameplay?

PvE-C is essentially a PvE (Player vers Environment) server with the -C adding a little bit of Player vers Player combat. As a whole however, the PvE restrictions on base raiding and killing to loot still take precedence. The hours of combat between players is restricted to 7pm to 11pm GMT every day.

This will allow friends to battle one another with the goal of testing skills, weapons, armour and stat builds. If you die, you do NOT drop your loot. Everyone’s a winner.

Players at any time, are UNABLE to steal or kill other players thralls, damage buildings or loot another player.

Conan Exiles Maps

Full Size Map

Empty33mb – Big File

Purge Areas with

Building Tiers Required

Locations of NPC Thralls,

Emotes and Recipes

Locations of Camps,

Caves and Dungeons

Updated List of Thrall Locations Here

PitMonk’s Conan Exiles Server

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