Rust XP System

I have been testing out the Rust XP System on our new server and after reading a few forums and YouTube post of players complaining about it, I thought I should write my own review in response to their comments.rust-xp

The new XP system will be great for solo players and small groups. Not gaining XP for killing fresh spawn’s (or any player for that matter) is also a good feature. I suspect that most of the whiners in the forums are the players of large clans who like to log in, take a gun that someone else crafted and just go out killing for fun. This should slow them down a bit now.

Large Clans are what spoil this game, not the grind and not the XP system. The large clans have turned a lot of players into tosser’s, if this XP system makes them change game, then that’s good too!

Most players want to play the survival aspect of the game but find that the only way to survive is to join a clan otherwise you get rapped every 2 min by a 4 strong team of fully armored guys. That’s not fun at all.

More players start and stop playing within the first weekend because of the clans. They get hammered and just think bugger this and don’t come back.

I truly hope that the XP system grind will push out the Kill-on-Site players and leave the game to the players who want to build and survive.

Are you a Kill-on-Site player or love shooting people in the back of the head whilst they gather wood? Then now is the time to go and play Halo or something like it for your kicks but I suspect that is too hard for you, that’s why you’re in Rust killing naked’s.

Next addition required in Rust, a method to stop large clans forming in the first place, maybe a building size limit or limit on how many players can use a door code.

The XP system does still need some work.

It’s a learning tree from nothing to everything so it’s very odd that you would learn how to craft a sheet metal door with hinges, lock and frame (Lv8) before being able to craft a metal pickaxe (Lv11) or worse still, a wooden ladder (Lv12)?!? In real life, if I had just learnt that metal comes from heated rocks, the first thing you would do with that blob of metal is to craft a pickaxe to get more rock surely, not to craft a metal door! The priorities do need some refining.

It is also quit a grind. After 8 hrs of constant mining for wood and stone and also opening lots of barrels, I managed to get to just Lv16. This was also on a server all by myself, not being killed every 10 min. On a populated server, that same level will take much longer. This may cause an issue too when you think the Ak isn’t until Lv31, 3 or 4 full days of play?!?!

Whilst you do gain XP from items you craft which others use, the gain is very small, I don’t think you’ll get away with crafting 100 picks and staying home, you’ll need to go out and farm to level up. However, it will be nice to know that the tosser who just shot me in the back of the head whilst I was gathering wood, will now give me XP when they use my stolen wood for anything at all.

All in all, the XP system will be a good thing. Also guys please remember, this is an Alpha Game, not at all finished and I am sure the developers are trying out new things all the time to see what works, and what doesn’t, what players like and don’t like. Ultimately, the developers NEED everyone to enjoy playing, not just a few clan members.

New PreRelease XP Server

PitMonk Prerelease XP ServerToday see’s the launch of our PitMonk Pre-release Rust XP Server.

You’ll have the opportunity to test out the new XP leveling system as well as the new layouts for the crafting and unlocking system.

There are also a few extra or new items not yet seen in the main Beta branch of the game.

This server is almost what you’ll see on the launch day of the new Rust XP system expected to roll-out on the 7th July, so get in early, learn your way about and be ahead of all the other players on launch day.

How To Play On This Server

This server is not in the normal server list until you enter the game as a Beta Tester. This is easy to do and available to everyone.

All you need to do is go into your Steam account, select, Library, Games, and find Rust.

Right click Rust, and choose Properties from the menu. From the popup box, choose the BETAS tab, and select Prerelease from the menu.

Your Steam account will then download a new client for your machine. Run this as normal and then do a search for PitMonk in the server list under the Community section.

Official Update Sites

The developers of Rust, FacePunch have very good communication with the Rust community.

They release frequent updates with information regarding the game and pending changes.

There is no point in me regurgitating the same information so keep yourself fully up to date with these links:

The Start of June 2016

It’s the start of the month yet again and this month brings a map wipe but keeps your BP’s!

The servers will update just after 7pm GMT on the 2nd June and should be available again by 7:30pm, maybe sooner.

We will be keeping the same map’s in both servers for June however we are warned that with the update, some maps may change slightly.