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Conan Exiles Server

The Isle of Pit (PvE-Conflict UK Server)

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PitMonk's Conan Server

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Are you just sick of Abusive Admins raiding your base when you’re off-line? We are too!
Are you just sick of being killed before you even leave the spawn area? How frustrating!
Are you looking to make allies in the game to build a better and stronger base? Many are!

Our servers were created to allow fellow gamer’s to play on reliable, low populated servers without the usual admin abuse & random wipes. Feel free to come on & play in a friendly and less hectic servers. We look forward to seeing you in game 🙂

There isn’t a fee or membership required to play on our servers, no passwords and anyone is welcome providing you are sociable and friendly.

Our servers are hosted in-house, no external hosting company, we have full control over the servers. We pride ourselves on offering our community with fast, reliable and dedicated servers.

Steam Friends

If you’d like to get in contact with us directly to make a suggestion or to address anything in-game, please find one of the Admins in-game and talk to us personally, or send me a friend request in Steam.

It’s always better to play with others, we are a growing community and often chat whilst to our community playing, join the Discord Channel and introduce yourself.

Look out for gamer tags “PitMonk” “Kimpton” & “Pippa”

Atlas servers list

Pits Pond 2x3 UK Hosted by Atlas server